Alleged hazing incident still under investigation

University officials are still investigating the alleged hazing incident that resulted in the hospitalization of a Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity pledge two weeks ago.”We will soon move forward with the discipline process,” said Dean of Student Life Frank Parker, explaining it could result in the banning of the fraternity or kicking the students out of school. “They have a right to due process. They’ll have a more fair process than what they gave.”Parker said four pledges were taken to an apartment in Houston for what they thought to be the intake process for the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The apartment belonged to a Sam Houston alum and former active member of the fraternity. According to Parker, the pledges were blindfolded, lined up and taken to different rooms throughout the apartment. In one room, nothing was saidmembers just began beating the pledges with canes, paddles and their fists. In another room the blindfolds were removed and the members began quizzing the pledges on the fraternity’s history. Each wrong answer resulted in more beatings, he said.”They were physically exhausted,” said Parker. “All but one sought medical attention. It was the worst bruising I’ve seen in my life.”Parker, who visited one pledge in the hospital, said there were bruises from the middle of his back down to the upper part of his legs, as well as on his chest and neck. He said the pledges suffered injuries such as kidney damage, liver damage, a ruptured eardrum and one reported seeing spots. “This is against the law,” he said, “and we are going to put a stop to it.”The university suspended Kappa Alpha Psi two weeks ago, pending an investigation into the alleged hazing incident. Their national headquarters sent a letter advising Student Activities to cease and desist all of the fraternity’s activities immediately, pending the outcome of the investigation. “We’ve talked to the pledges, as well as some of the members,” said Parker. “We know what happened.”Though Parker admitted some were hesitant to tell the story, he said the pledges were “as cooperative as can be expected.””It’s what I call a ‘wall of secrecy,'” he said. “There have been times when I have very good information that hazing is going on. But, students with bruises will sit here and deny it. It is very frustrating.”He said fraternity pledges who suffer hazing do not come forward for several reasons.”It is peer pressure, fear and the desire to be a part of these groups,” he said. “They feel they are less of a man if they can’t take it. Everyone else does it, and they don’t want to wimp out.”They believe there is a bond when they suffer together, it unifies them,” he said. “But, you don’t have to suffer to become brothers.”Parker said he does not believe the Kappa Alpha Psi members were remorseful for their actions.”If they were remorseful I believe they would have come and talked to me,” he said. “I believe they are remorseful for getting caught.”

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