If you found my engagement ring, please take it to the English department

I made a stupid mistake on Jan. 27. I went to the ladies restroom on the first floor of the Evans Building around 9:30 a.m. When the weather is cold and dry, like it was that day, an individual’s hands lack moisture and the only way to combat it is by using lotion.I took my two rings off and laid them upon the shelf above the sink. While applying the lotion, my mind wandered to the assorted assignments that a college student always has due in the immediate future.I remembered an hour later as I moved my thumb to play with my ring that I had left both rings in the restroom.I implore the individual that found my rings to please turn them in to the English department. One of the rings is my engagement ring, and it is very dear to me. My fiance is working so far away that we only see each other once or twice a year. The ring on my hand is a daily reminder of a person very special to me, one who loves me unconditionally.The individual who found the rings, put yourself in my shoes: Being seperated from the man you love for months at a time, looking forward to the weekly e-mail you may or may not receive, being ecstatic when you get a long distance phone call from him once a month, and treasuring the memories of when you were with your fiance.I am hoping that you are a good samaritan and will do the nice deed of returning it. Please just take them to the English department and give them to Trina, no questions asked. Just you performing your good act of the day, will make me grateful to an individual I will never forget.

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