Messiest Roommates: Part 2

This is my chance to name my roommate the “Messiest Roommate at SHSU.”She truly is.There are four weeks of unread newspapers that have found a home beside the vanity. Trying to find the phone or remote is like “Where’s Waldo?” When the phone rings, I have to press the “page” button just to find it. Every week there tend to be about two or three tall kitchen bags full of trash that have accumulated. I’m truly lucky if I get to see an inch of the floor on her side of the room. The situation with the closet is that once I open the door, everything comes rushing outward at me and it takes a few days to find its way back into the closet.There is no point in her having a desk because she can’t get to it under all the Belvin Caf take out trays. Instead of medicine in the medicine cabinet there is a bottle of teriyaki sauce, jewelry, paintbrushes, beads, Nestea, and eating utensils.You know how when it rains, sometimes you see it raining two miles away but it isn’t where you’re standing? Well, my side of the room has clear skies but her side…well, a major hurricane and tornado have hit it.


Give your roommate a break, Whitney. Naturally, I am assuming the papers next to the vanity are Houstonians. Kudos to the messy one for hoarding such quality journalism! I don’t understand having to push the “page” button every time the phone ringsshouldn’t the ringing itself tip you off? Hmmm, teriyaki sauce doubling as a mouthwashWho knew!

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