The joke’s on us

Sam Houston State University’s fans are a joke!We should be so proud as a school to have been out cheered by 200 or so Lamar Cardinal faithfuls who made the two and a half hour drive to Huntsville to cheer on their team. Lamar even had its mascot at the game; Sammy the Bearkat was nowhere to be found.The Lamar fans showed all Bearkats what it means to be a true fan.On Saturday the men’s basketball team’s season came to an end with a 64-58 loss at the hands of the Cardinals, and most students at this school probably have no idea or could care less. “We had more fan support for our team on the opponent’s court. That’s a nice thing to have,” said Lamar coach Mike Dean.That’s something to be proud of, to say the least.As a fan, I do thank the people who came to the basketball game and supported the Bearkats throughout the season. I realize there are people at this school who have a sense of school pride.Why is it that Sam Houston State students don’t support their athletic teams? Why don’t we have a band at basketball games? Why don’t we have a mascot at the games?I went to all but one home game this year, and I asked myself these same questions almost every time. It doesn’t make sense to me.Is it because the Aggies are just down the road? Or is it just because Sam Houston students find the pressing need to go home to mom and dad every weekend and get drunk with their high school buddies.Basketball is not the only sport students have come up lame in their support. The football team hosted a playoff game this year and Bowers Stadium was half full at best. Volleyball, baseball, softball and track have no real support either.One of the complaints I have heard over the past four years has been when our school has a meaningful game, it costs money to go. However, that doesn’t explain all the other games not attended that are free to students.The other major question I have is why we don’t have a band at the games.My theory is bands have been convinced over time that they are so important they don’t need to be at sporting events. In my opinion that’s the main reason bands existto bring some entertainment and excitement to athletic events, not to shine at a spring concert series or some parade.Maybe my complaining will go unnoticed or be ignored, but the next time a Sam Houston State athletic team does something great, the true fans will know they are the ones who have always supported the Kats and are not just riding the bandwagon.

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