May Graduation

This letter is in reference to the article in the Houstonian about May graduation. There has never been a limitation on the number of visitors that a graduating senior can invite. Let’s think about the students for once. First, graduation was moved up a week, so that for the first time, seniors could take exams with the rest of the classifications. I do not understand what the problem was in the first place. Obviously, since the procedure of letting seniors take exams a few days earlier was implemented, it has worked. Why was it changed?Then, we come up with the idea to put limitations on the number of visitors each senior can invite. I agree, that each senior graduating should have the same opportunity to have (some) family members attend. As I recall, there was a headline in the Houstonian about the highest freshman enrollment, ever at SHSU. What is going to happen when these freshmen become seniors and would like to graduate in May? Are you going to lower the amount of tickets per student to 2?I personally will have paid through loans $20,000.00 for the time, since the fall of 1998, that I have been here. Just for my Bachelors. I know some people will owe more than that. Graduation will be the day that I will have paid for; all this money, all these years. Personally, there have been more than eight family members or friends that have graciously donated money, furniture, guidance, and support to help me through this time of need while I was working two jobs in effort to do my best to support myself. What about the students who have children, and parents, and grandparents? What about the Graduate students (whom I think have really accomplished something)? For most, this day is momentous.I was thinking realistically. What about utilizing the stadium, or maybe splitting up graduate students and undergraduate students, per college, per hour. We could even start a little earlier or end a little later or make this a two day event. I would hope that all options have been exhausted if this decision is made. We as seniors should have the same opportunity as every graduate in the past has had. Maybe the increase in tuition every year should go to build a coliseum that could accommodate all students, faculty, family, and friends, not just for graduation, but for all events. The amount of money invested by each student (and their family) at Sam Houston, I realize, does not even compare to the amount if we would have attended A&M, Baylor, or Tech. But, we as students still did our time, passed our classes, and endured the hardships of being college students. There may be some students who do not care, but overall, I think that I speak for everyone. We deserve it.

Heather LawsonSenior

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