Petitioning graduation tickets

It has come to our attention that only eight guests per graduate will be allowed to attend the May 17, 2003 graduation. When were the actual graduates asked their opinion on the subject? If the concern is too large of a crowd in attendance, why not add a third ceremony? The date has already been changed without our approval; what difference will a time change make? We are petitioning to allow for an unlimited number of guests and for the opportunity to voice our opinions in an alternate solution for our graduation ceremony. It is sad when we have put enormous effort, time and money into our education here at Sam Houston State University, that our family and friends who wish to attend will not be able to witness the most important even in our professional lives. Many graduating are first generation graduates, others have large immediate families and all have numerous friends and loved ones who have supported their college careers and would like to attend the graduation ceremony. We are encouraging May graduates and other concerned students, faculty and community members to sign this petition. If you would like your signature included in the petition, please e-mail

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