Police just doing their job

I read this paper every time it comes out and more often than not, people are complaining about the local law enforcement. Do you all not realize that they are doing their job? The police officers of the United States are burdened with an “impossible mandate.” This is the requirement to enforce all laws to every one equally all the time. Now sit back and think a second: is that possible? No; that is why it is an “impossible mandate.” All you people complaining about being targeted for DWI and having to “walk the line”, have you ever thought to your self you might be doing something that would make a reasonable person think you were drunk? Do you know why they try to get drivers who have been drinking off the road? You should. I was a fire fighter and the people I pried out of wrecked cars and those who died were most often a victim of a drunk driver. How about license plates? That law has been on the books for a long time. You should be glad you got a ticket locally instead of by a State Trooper. It may seem pointless to require vehicles to have two license plates, but it actually keeps us as citizens safe from crime. I got very sick the other day and guess who was there to help me: UPD. They got me the ambulance to get to the hospital and then gave me a ride back. Now, is that a bad cop? I don’t think so. If you don’t like the laws or the regulations that you have to abide by, run for election, and get in a position where you can change them. Run for congress or become a mayor and then you might see that the whining you did in college was nothing. The laws are here for the good of everyone as a society, not just you.

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