Project may not address “right to bear arms”

Instead of accusing people in small towns who find homosexuality to be morally repugnant of perpetuating violence against homosexuals perhaps Ms. Dennison and Ms. McDowell should ask another question in regards to social issues around the Laramie incident that perhaps “The Laramie Project” may or may not address: “right to keep and bear arms.” Instead of wanting mankind to wallow around in the muck with animals, of whom we have dominion over, perhaps Ms. McDowell should emulate the best of Roman and Greek society by using logic and reason to figure out how to prevent another Mathew Sheppard incident. The answer to how to help prevent another Matthew Sheppard or Jim Crow lynching or Holocaust is to allow people to keep and bear arms and to practice conceal carry. Freedom doesn’t cost the government or the taxpayer a penny to do that. Of course, you’ll have all the wide-eyed, wild-eyed liberals screaming and shouting bloody murder about public safety, the Constitution really meant…and so on. So, while these liberals endorse homosexuality, condemn public prayer and compare us to animals I have a question for them: Which is morally superior? A dead gay man hanging on a fence or Matthew Sheppard explaining to the Sheriff’s deputy why his attackers have bullet holes in them. Deal with it: the best defense is a strong offense. History is littered with the bodies of those who practiced otherwise.

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