Coffee hour gives students chance to meet and mingle

The Germans call it kaffee. For Italians, the word is caffe. And in France, caf is a national pastime, sipping a cup at a small table along the Champs Elysees, people watching, snickering, enjoying a quiet afternoon. Now, as part of a new weekly social event, coffee can be drunk amidst people from all over the world in the Bluebonnet Room of the Beto Criminal Justice Center’s University Hotel, starting today for any students, foreign or domestic, who are interested in the international scene.SHSU senior international student Fabian Boettcher, an accounting major, came up with the idea for a weekly international coffee hour.”I’ve been to another school in the United States,” said Boettcher, who is from Germany, “and they had the same event.” Boettcher first experienced the international coffee hour at the University of Maine, where he was student.Boettcher teamed up with International Business Society President Lee Nette Wilke to propose the idea to Student Services.”The students came up to me,” said Carlton Green, director of Student Services, “and told me the idea.”From there, Green helped set up the weekly event with co-sponsors at the Office of International Programs.Administrative assistant at the Office of International Programs Brenda Boeske said her office passed out flyers and were taking questions about the event. She also said they will have a representative at today’s event.It will give students an opportunity to network and feel connected to the university, said Green.The Bluebonnet Room is to the left of the hotel’s front desk. The room has been reserved each Thursday from 4:30 p.m. until 6 p.m. to hold the weekly event. A pool table, sofa, chairs and, of course, caf tables are in the room. Coffee and snacks will be served.”It’s an event to meet people,” said Boettcher, “I hope they come. I will definitely be there.”For more information, call the Office of International Programs at (936) 294-3892 or visit their Web site.

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