Overnight weight loss isn’t possible

Have you ever said, “I will try to diet tomorrow,” while opening that new bag of Lay’s Sour Cream potato chips? It’s five weeks into the New Year, and the HKC is packed with people who believe that 30 pounds can be shed in three easy weeks. For those who actually believe that, I am sorry. It does not work like that. It takes time, and right now there is no miracle diet on the market that does not have on its box: If you don’t lose 10 or 20 pounds within three weeks we will give you your money back.My friends, I can’t say I have tried every diet out there, but I do know if I heard that earlier on in my life I could have used the money I spent of pills on books now. Patience is truly a virtue. Like my mother said: “You did not gain weight overnight, so you’re not going to lose it overnight.”Like most college students, it took several sermons for that one sentence to get through to me, yet it paid off.I now have more energy, feel great about fitting into a pair of jeans and believe the scale does not always reflect the way you feel about yourself. For once, doors are opened by guys I don’t know, people smile at me when I am walking through the mall area and I can finally hold my head up without wondering who’s looking at me.Hopefully when I go into the HKC after spring break I will see the same sweaty individuals I saw before the break.I encourage those on a diet to be patient. For those of you who are concerning a diet over a bag of chips, “You did not gain the weight overnight, so you’re not going to lose it overnight.

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