Kappa Alpha Psi

I believe this letter will shed some light on the hazing situation. The biggest misunderstanding is that the pledges did not know what they were about to experience. They pledges were told what was going to happen…just as I was told. The pledges were informed that this portion of the intake process was illegal and given the option not to particpate.

I believe that the age of majority in the state of Texas is still 18. With that in mind these “grown” men chose to be blind folded and participate in the process. Just as I did. During any intake process a pledge is given the opportunity to leave (quit) at any time. The pledges chose to stay, just as I chose to stay.

In my mind they pledges are just as guilty as the pledgers. To a certain extent hazing is very barbaric and unneccessary. However, the harder you work for something the more you appreciate it in the end. The process I went through did not kill me. I am still alive and working for a very prestigous firm in Houston. The six weeks I pledged was a very small part of my life. A very small part of K A Psi, but neccessary in order to be respected by the other brothers.

Tradition is the primary reason that hazing continues and probably will continue. Nobody that went through what me and my linebrothers went through is going to allow anybody to just “walk in” the organization withoug paying any dues.

Hazing is everywhere. If you read the definition of hazing then you will know that being forced to study all night for a test is considered hazing. The military, rookies, even corporate America particpates in hazing. Who do you think picks up dinner for the upper level management in a law firm? Who do you think has to buy their “big brother” dinner when he is hungry? Do you see a difference…I don’t.

I can go on forever, but my final point is this. How would you feel if you worked you way to the top of company? Put in late nights, long hours, and hard days, but they hire somebody straight out of college to be YOUR boss. Dean Parker you have worked at Sam Houston for quite sometime. I am 23 years old. What if they made me Dean of Student Life? You would be upset wouldn’t you. You would think it wasn’t fair right? So why should we allow new members into our organization without paying the same dues we paid. I guess its a new breed of young people. They are mama’s boys who run and tell instead of growing up a little and fighting their own battles. So when punishment is rendered will the pledges be punished? They are just as guilty. They chose to particpate..they chose to stay. They could have left at anytime. They could have walked out at anytime.

A Memeber of the Kappa Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi

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