Take a close look at all of the good things fraternities do

When you sit here and say that “fraternities” don’t do anything good, you need to take a step back and look at the things we do. My fraternity, Sigma Chi, has raised over $2.5 million for the Children’s Miracle Network since joining them in 1991. Every spring we donate food, clothing, and toys to The Good Shepard Mission, Goodwill and Toys for Tots. When you have no clue what goes on, then you should keep your articles to yourself. Fraternities receive nothing but negativity from the school. We, as Greeks, have never asked anything from this school and, likewise, we have never taken anything from this school. So many leaders in this nation and the people you probably will work for were in a fraternity. My brother, Dr. Gaertner, was a proud member of a fraternity. You can write your bashing articles, and I’m sure no one will ever see this in The Houstonian. How about you go to some fraternities and ask them what they do and how they help? They will gladly take the time to talk to you and not degrade you or your remarks. If you are too busy with writing these amazing articles, I would understand, I guess. However, if you’re ever going to gain my respect, you need to associate people in fraternities and sororities as people, not groups. I’m part of something great, something many people wish they could be a part of, but they aren’t, and I feel bad for them.

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