Huntsville Promise article

I sent a letter in earlier today about the web hosting and design fees charged by Huntsville’s Promise. Though I am still concerned with the conflict of interest involved in using grant money to underwrite a for profit competition against existing businesses, I have since spoken with the City Manager, Mr. Hart, and am awaiting a response after he investigates.

Please do not run my previous letter (or this one), but I would welcome talking to a reporter to cover the issues in detail as discussions with the city continue. I would welcome some sort of clarification that the Huntsville’s Promise site is not the only Internet directory in town, and that the “low-cost” design fees are actually rather high compared to professional web designers in the area.

Regards,Ray Scheelscheel@walkercountyonline.com936-662-5465 (Cell)936-294-0573 (Business)

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