Cell Phones on Campus

Joseph Hillnoeticend@yahoo.comstdjsh16@shsu.edu

Cell Phones on CampusAs I walk through the Sam Houston State University campus, I tend to try to acknowledge other students as they pass. I now find this to be almost impossible. It is impossible because of one primary reason. Cell phones have taken over the campus. They have become the new rage, the new fad on this easily impressionable student body. It is rare to converse with a student that does not have one, and due to its constant interruptions it is just as difficult to converse with a student that has one. It has become a new symbol of social status. Cell phones have become a staggering problem in our society on this campus. They are the cause of depersonalization among students, constant classroom interruption and are a cause of radiation. Our lives are being controlled by the various forms of electronic media that demand our attention. Once it was television that reigned paramount, but now that device is pushed to the wayside by the ever-present cellular phone. It is controlling the lives of students and is the cause of a decline in the amount of face-to-face discussions that take place on this campus. It is harder for students to meet others, due to the fact that these cell phones are paramount in their lives. I have been deeply involved in discussion with a large number of students, only to have the conversation put on hold due to the child-like insistency of that cell phone ring. It is a source of personal disgust, and is one of the worse forms of rudeness. It is impossible to have an eloquent conversation with any of these people. On campus you see more people attuned to the needs of their cell phones than to those actual living and breathing people around them.Colleges are built on the foundations of learning. It is this learning that should reign supreme on any campus. While in class, a student tries to focus all of his attention on this task. More often than not, this task is interrupted by the cacophonic ring of that cell phone. Regardless of the persistency of the professor, class is often forced to stop, while the student puts their phone to sleep. It is a disgrace and outright disrespectful to other students and the professor. It is an outright dishonor to the act of learning. Students cannot learn with this constant interruption. People, in general, do not bring babies into class because they cannot keep quiet and the same type of etiquette should apply to cellular phones.Radiation, for years has been known to cause cancer. Radiation is avoided like the plague. Places that are known to have or emit radiation are often closed down and quarantined. Cell phones expose the user to varying degrees of radiation. According to an article published in the Houstonian on November 5th, there is an inextricable link between cell phones and cancer, due to the radiation that is emitted from them. Yet people still keep using them. Is the pleasure that comes from the depersonalization of cell phone communication actually worth the risk?Cell phones may be beneficial for those of us who use them for some sort of job-related communication. But for others, it makes it harder for one to interact with others outside of their phone. It is a constant interruption to the ritual of learning that is vital on this campus. It is also a source of radiation. The question that one must ask oneself is this; in my life at Sam Houston State University, is a cellular phone really needed to accompany me on campus? Is a cell phone important to the learning process as I see it? For if it isn’t, leave the child-like cell phone at home while one is immersed in the process of education.

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