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Where have the Fans gone?Bearkat Basketball

The reason that I wanted to write this article is because it bothers me to see the lack of support that our Bearkat athletes receive. I went to the last three home games (for mens basketball) and I could almost individually count the number of spectators there. We have a really good team, and I know that there is school sprit out there, so I wonder why we do not get more fans out to the games? People always say to me that we never play good teams, regardless, you should show support for your school team (both men and womens). Throughout the season the mens basketball team has had some tremendous victories. For starters, we beat a really strong Big Twelve school, Texas Tech. I believe we were either the first or second team this season to put an L behind the Red Raiders name. In addition, we beat another Big Twelve school, The University of Nebraska. These are all major accomplishments, and I am proud to support the Bearkats! On February 16Th we play our archrival, Stephen F. Austin. We already played them once before this season, and had a victory of 49-45. That game was played in Nacogdoches. Now its time for the Lumberjacks to step into OUR HOUSE. Lets show our team the support that they deserve, and outshine SFA. If you are only going to go to one basketball game this season, come to the SFA game on February 16th at 7:00pm in Johnson Coliseum. I really wish that there was more information about our games, most students do not even have an idea of game days. We should really promote our home games like many other schools, by putting up posters and signs notifying students, faculty and staff about games. Perhaps then we would start getting more people to them!To all of my fellow spectators, thank you for cheering with me, and for supporting our team! Im sure the athletes appreciate our support. Hopefully we will have more people on our side and make the games action packed and full of energy!

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