distasteful article

In regards to the extremely distateful article, “Tips on how to make friends with benefits work” I just want to let the staff of the Houstonian know how diappointed I am that a respectable newspaper would print such a disgusting and tacky article. Seriously, is there nothing else to report on? Incase you haven’t been paying attention, there is a sniper running around Washington, D.C. just randomly shooting people. On the other side of the world our U.S. Marines are being attacked and killed. And on another note, Iraq may resort to terrorism and may be on the verge of creating nuclear weapons to use against the U.S. Yet, the only story you could come up with to put in our school paper is an article by some overly horny college boy who would rather have lots of meaningless sex with random women in order to fill his sexual voids rather than having a meaningful relationship. To all women out there, if a young man by the name of Robert Dalen Bracken approaches you it’s pretty safe to assume he only wants your body and not you for who you really are. With people running around and promoting this kind of behavior, no wonder college campuses have high STD rates. – Ashley Standard

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