HPD isn’t out to provide protection

I had the opportunity to go out last Thursday night, and let me tell you…I had so much fun! A close friend of mine and I went to Club Paragon in Huntsville.It’s a great club if you’re looking for a Houston-style atmosphere – great drink specials and police officers that provoke students, curse at them, and, in some instances, hit them with flashlights at the end of the evening.At midnight on Thursday, a rush of students came out of the club to regain the ability to think, drive and walk .Some students, if not all, had been drinking. Isn’t it better to let a student just “chill” in the parking lot and regain their sobriety than getting behind the wheel and driving completely intoxicated? Geez, let the students just stand there! None of the students were doing anything wrong.Using every name in the book, one of the officers had to have used the word, “Mother F—–” at least seven times in one sentence.There is no need for officers to think we are looking at them funny and get into our faces and talk nonsense.So, if my contacts are messing up my eyes, and I accidentally use my middle finger to arrange it the right way, are you going to press charges?I was very outraged by the incident. In my opinion, the three officers were completely out of control.So you busted out with one student in cuffs and yelled that people better move or you were going to take more. Is the Huntsville Police Department going to follow Houston’s footsteps and arrest everyone in the parking lot?Who taught you manners in the police academy anyway? Police officers, you got into this job to “serve and protect.” You’re not protecting anyone by scaring the public.I quickly got out of the way when people started running from you, but I felt like you were going to raid us. I didn’t feel safe at all. If you don’t like your job, get a new one.Now, don’t get me wrong. I think on every Thursday night at every club, police officers yell, “Get out of the parking lot!” But there was no reason why any of the officers should have cursed at students, ran them off and started a riot.This should also be a message to Club Paragon. The on-site police officers that you seem to have hired might draw back business for you. Make your employees read Miss Manners or make them go to a charm school.Police are supposed to be examples in the community, not running through the streets cursing at people. University Police, how do you feel about your mentors, people you look to and turn to for advice on legal matters, acting this way? Is this a trait we the student have to look forward to in the years to come from your department as well?

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