Men’s soccer tops UH

The Sam Houston State Men’s Soccer Club won its game 2-1 on Saturday against the University of Houston.The men’s soccer club coach and vice president Luis Gandara said the team played well and came out on top after the second half.”It took us a little bit in the first half to get our heads in the game with the team,” said Gandara. “It was 1-1 in the first half so everybody went to defense, but in the second half, we basically got it together as a team.” The only goal University of Houston scored was a penalty kick, sophomore John Burrows said. The first goal for SHSU came in the first half, which was only the second game the team has scored in the first half, he said.SHSU team member Ryota Yogo scored a goal off a pass from Aaron Pratt.”In the second half, we were able to work the ball up the field for the winning goal from the defense,” said Burrows.Brian Pratt came in to score the winning goal with an assist from Ronnie Revos in the second-half.The defense stayed together and did not commit any big fouls that could have cost us the game, Burrows said.”Our goal keeper was gone, but we had one of our defenders step in,” Gandara said. “David Banos stepped in to play the goal keeper position and he did an excellent job out there.”The members have come together and learned to play as a team and everyone is more relaxed playing the game together, Gandara said.”Most of the teams we have played are all bigger guys and they play what we call a long ball with lots of crossing on the field,” he said. “The game we play is basically a real fast-paced game.”Gandara said SHSU played quick and hard in the second half of the game and that is where the team’s talent shows. “We start playing our game basically real quick and fast everywhere on the field and that is where everyone finally came together,” he said. “We are fast individually, but now we know where each one of us will be when we are creating patterns and a path.”Pablo Gandara was named the MVP and he dominated the right mid-field position during the game, Luis Gandara said.Pablo Gandara did a good job of also playing offense and defense, Burrows said. “I was very happy the way we played and how the season has come along, as far as everybody sticking to it and being aggressive,” Gandara said. There was good passing among the team and good communication, Burrows said. “We have been together, but it is such a young team, it has taken us a little longer to play with confidence in each other the entire game,” said Burrows. “We played with confidence the entire game and did real well.”The soccer team has one more home game on Oct. 19, at 1 pm. at Pritchett Field located on the corner of 17th Street and Avenue O. The soccer club will take on Texas A&M-Kingsville.

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