National Alchol Day

What the heck is National Alchol Day?

Can anyone at the Houstonian spell? Alchol? What the heck is Alchol?? There seems to be a pattern of spelling errors in headlines of the the online edition of the Houstonian on a regular basis. Whose job is it to check this?? The last time I wrote an article that was published, the title written by one of the staff was “TDCJ employeesould be thanked, not criticized.” This is a simple mistake that should have been caught before it made it on-line. If a third place paper makes mistakes like this on a regular basis, then I wouldn’t want to read the 4th place paper. I have never read the A&M paper or the Harvard paper, so I can’t compare the Houstonian to them. I have, however, taught Jr. High English classes for six years, and I can tell you, this paper would not pass 6th grade standards. If this came from a student, I would recommend after school tutoring. Alchol??? Really. Look over what you’ve written at least once before you send it out to the public, please. If you publish this, please get the title right.

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