Organizations and community to host various commemorative events

Students at SHSU will be able to share a time of remembrance and prayer this Wednesday. Several campus organizations will be holding events this Sept. 11 that will allow students to honor those who were lost and learn about terrorism and what is being done to combat it.The Student Government Association is asking SHSU students and faculty to participate in a campus-wide moment of silence to remember last year’s terror attacks. “It will be in class, to remember those who were lost,” said SGA member Ben Bostick. For those who wish to participate, thirty seconds will be taken from class this Wednesday at 9:11 a.m., to reflect upon the Sept. 11 events. A patriot day ceremony will be held at SHSU’s fountain area to recognize the tragic occasion at 9:30 a.m. this Wednesday.Several campus ministries will be holding events that will allow students to pray about the Sept. 11 attacks. The Baptist Student ministry will hold a luncheon at noon. “This is a special luncheon, to remember the families and pray for the country, the nation, the president and leadership,” said BSM director Jeff Cashion. “And also, we want to let students know that there is still hope.”Events that may take place at the BSM luncheon include scripture reading and sharing stories of both victims and students. “We are going to pray for all the families affected. It’s a time of prayer and remembrance,” said Jeff Cunningham, who attends the BSM.The luncheon is free to first-time guests at the BSM and costs a dollar otherwise.A memorial service and rosary will be held at the Catholic Student Center at 12:30 p.m. Students will be able to say the rosary together and pray for those who lost their lives. Many churches and schools in Huntsville will also remember last year’s attacks with special events and ceremonies. Students in Huntsville ISD are encouraged to wear red, white and blue this Wednesday. Huntsville High School students will recite the pledge of allegiance at 11 a.m., and students at Mance Park Middle School will have a Sept. 11 assembly in their school’s auditorium. Huntsville Intermediate students will hold a moment of silence in the morning, followed by the national anthem and the pledge.

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