Why did it take Sept. 11 tragedy to bring people together

I spent about a good five hours trying to figure out how to start this column. My headline says it all. Why did it take such a big event, such a big tragedy to bring people together, to work together, to help each other and love each other unconditionally?Before Sept. 11, people wouldn’t have thought twice to go and give blood on a monthly basis, volunteer their precious time at a community center or give money to those in need.Afterward Sept. 11, people from all across the nation waited in hour-long lines to give blood and spent endless hours trying to volunteer at shelters.People looked at their loved ones in a different perspective, grasping each other, shouting expressions of their “I love you’s.”So many times you hear the phrase, “don’t take life for granted,” and yet no one ever seems to listen to it. After Sept. 11, though, people not only listened to it, they repeated it, learned it and made it a daily ritual to practice it.I guess what I’m trying to say is, maybe such a tragedy might have been good in some sense, to get people to work on becoming better people and coming together, but it should have never happened. People should act as one all the time.

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