Block and Bridle to host annual Children’s Barnyard

Block and Bridle, the animal science organization on campus, will sponsor its 9th Annual Children’s Barnyard on Oct. 17-18 at the Agriculture Science Center on Interstate 45.This is an opportunity for local public and private schools ages’ pre-kindergarten to kindergarten to experience two days of interactive learning. The children will have hands on experience with animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.This year, 1,700 students are participating in the program. The students will learn how to plant their own plants, see different farm equipment and also get a chance to pet the animals.There will be chickens to educate the children on where eggs come from and popcorn popping to teach about corn.”Many students have taken their plants and planted them on their schools campus, as a way of leaving something behind” said Mitzi Smith, Block and Bridle president.SHSU agriculture students, along with faculty and staff, educate the children on the many different aspects of agriculture that is encountered daily.”The college students also dress up as different animals, to add comedy as well education to the program. Ms. Moo (a cow) is always a favorite among the children” said Smith.The animals used in the program are donated from people and organizations all over Texas.For more information about the Children’s Barnyard, contact Marcy Beverly, Block and Bridle advisor, at 294-1222.

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