Learn how to salsa with Program Council

Program Council ends Hispanic Heritage Month with the Salsa Explosion Oct. 15 in the LSC Ballroom. All students are invited to learn how to shake their hips salsa style.This is the third Salsa Explosion and PC expects a good turnout.”It’s going to be a relaxed environment, not like going to a salsa club in Houston where you’re around a lot of people you don’t know,” said Courtney Herron, Hispanic Heritage chair.A disc jockey from Variety Sounds will provide music and students can enjoy refreshments. Students can show off their skills in the dance contests with prizes. Local restaurants and businesses will provide gift certificates for the winners. “It’s fun and it’s free and there is not a lot of stuff like this on campus to do,” said Herron.Strictly Street Salsa, a professional dance company from Houston, will instruct students interested in learning basic salsa steps.Mayor Lee Brown recognized Strictly Street Salsa as the first street salsa dance studio in Houston on Aug. 9, 2001. Raul Orlando, founder and instructor, was cast in VH1’s “The Way She Moves.”Yamba, the dance company associated with Strictly Street Salsa performed on the Debra Duncan Show. The company promotes authentic and traditional Latin dance.According to its Web site, street salsa is simply the way people dance in Latin countries, where the most important aspect is the enjoyment of the activity. There is a total sense of freedom in the movement and interpretation of the music. It does consist of a series of established rules and rigidly structured movements. The key idea, however, is freedom of movement.All of the classes include a Rumba warm up. Rumba is to Afro-Latin dance what ballet is to performing dances: the foundation. Because of this, it is incorporated into every Salsa class offered, in order to provide the best possible classes. Rumba is a totally Afro-centered dance and has no relation with Rhumba done in Latin Ballroom dancing.

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