Free organization ad

I apoligize for contacting you via email, but this is the only way I was able to figure to contact the Houstonian. I was interested in calling the phone number in thursday paper concerning free organization ads. Unfortunatly, I disposed of my paper before I was able to write down the number. I hope it is not too much inconvience to you and your staff to pass the following information along to the right people. Our organization, Society of Forensic Science, will be having our first meeting of the spring semester next tuesday. The meeting will be held in room A201 of the CJ center at 5:30pm on tuesday feb. 15th. I, Jay Hopenwasser, can be contacted at 661-0571 or I hope you can manage to put this ad in next tuesdays paper if possible. Again, I am sorry for the inconvience.

Jay Hopenwasser

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