Nice Try

Shannon, Your editorial about racially biased campus and city police is by far the dumbest column the Houstonian has ever run. I’m sure glad you are not on the SHSU debate team. If this were your argument, helper monkeys with electronic spellers would run your “viewpoint” into the ground. C’mon, your logic and reasoning was worse than the “friends with benefits” guy. I love the Houstonian and Daphne Bottos’s column; but this viewpoint tarnished my beloved page 2 editorials. Am I to believe that University and the Huntsville police department patrol the town and campus looking for minority students with Greek letters on their front license plate? NEWSFLASH: Texas state law requires vehicles to have front and back license plates. I’m pretty sure that this applies to all drivers, not just minority Greek members. I agree that the lack of information about this new crackdown was hastily enforced. However, I’m sure that the law enforcement community got a memo from the mountaintop instructing them to keep a watchful eye on these types of illegal vehicular modification. I also agree that UPD does have more time on their hands. I think its great. I guess that means that students are safe and most everything is in its place. I think you are being a little too critical of the people that are just trying to do their job. I’m proud of the spirit and camaraderie everyone in the Greek system shares. That type of pride and loyalty is something that everyone should attempt to achieve. I know that this is a minor setback but we will persevere in the end.

Larry B. Ellison

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