Candy bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Does your honey like candy? If she or he does, then a candy bouquet may be the greatest gift idea for Valentine’s Day this Thursday. Plush animals, candles, mugs, vases, baskets, gourmet foods, coffee, tea, pasta, microwave popcorn and candies of all kinds are just some of the ingredients that go into candy bouquets available at Candy Bouquet, 1502 Sam Houston Ave. in Huntsville.”We build bouquets on just about anything,” said Judy Raithel, owner of Candy Bouquet and Quizno’s, which the store is attached to.Every candy bouquet has a base to build the bouquet on (mug, basket, etc.) Raithel said they will even build one on an alcoholic beverage if requested. However, the customer would have to bring in the beverage from elsewhere, she said.”It takes about one hour to make a bouquet,” said Raithel. “We usually do a mixture of gourmet chocolate and fun chocolate.” Gourmet chocolate, said Raithel, are brands like Ghiradelli from San Francisco and Truffini, Italian truffles from Italy, among many other brands the store sells.Raithel said funs chocolate are candies like Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Mars Bars, Snickers and other mainstream candy bars.”I always make sure I talk to the person first,” said Raithel, in order to select the right candy for their liking. “We can make them elegant or fun.”At a recent convention of candy bouquet makers, two women from Fort Worth won “best of show” with a bouquet worth $250. “It had a globe on it and candy from all over the worldthat was the theme,” said Raithel.Someone in the mood to buy a candy bouquet can pick one from a number of pre-made bouquets on the store’s shelves or simply pick from the candy and extra ingredients dotted around the store for a custom made bouquet. The price for a bouquet is about $25 and up, said Raithel, depending on the amount and type of ingredients. The bouquet can also be delivered for $5, in town only. Special deliveries can also be made by Gailie ala Top hat and tails (yes, the whole thing is her official name) for $25.Gailie will present a singing telegram to your Valentine along with the bouquet. Songs can be picked or written by you, then performed by Gailie. Or, if preferred, Gailie can write the song as well.For more information or to place an order call Candy Bouquet at 291-2531. They’re open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sunday from noon to 8 p.m., the same hours as Quizno’s.

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