Flowers, cards, and candy

Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day present for that special someone? Well, Huntsville offers a variety of places that will help you suit your gift-giving needs.If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, King’s Candies and Ice Cream, located at 1112 11th St., makes its own hand-dipped chocolate candy, which is packaged and sold for between $2 and $50, according to Kerri Kurio, employee.”We have all kinds of different heart-shaped boxes that are decorated and filled with assorted candy,” Kurio said. “We also have plastic boxes that can be filled with pretty much anything.”For a “delicious alternative to flowers,” look no further than Candy Bouquet, located at 1502 Sam Houston Ave. and connected to Quizno’s. Candy Bouquet builds bouquets with candy, rolled on stems to make them look like flowers, silk flowers, stuffed animals, balloons and even candles, according to Owner Judy Raithel.”It is a very custom gift but not expensive like flowers,” Raithel said.Prices vary, depending on the container one chooses, but most people are happy with the bouquets that start out around $25, she said.”We really work with the person, with what they want to say with (the gift) and with their price range,” Raithel said. “It’s a really creative thing.”Already-made bouquets can be purchased or they can be custom-made, and Candy Bouquet delivers.”We can put them together like you like it,” Raithel said. If you want to give your Valentine something a little different, send him/her a singing telegram, a gift you can sign up for today or Wednesday at Candy Bouquet, Raithel said.”(A friend of mine) will go to peoples houses, complete in a top hat and tails,” she said. “She charges $25.”If flowers are what makes your loved-one bloom, you can purchase a dozen roses for $60 and a half-dozen for $35 at Huntsville Flowers, according to Jo Binford, employee.”We do spring arrangements and tulip arrangements, which range in price from $25 to $50,” Binford said. “We also carry more elegant flowers, such as hydranga, French tulips, calla lilies and orchids, not just your typical carnations. We have lots of different colors that are so pretty.”The store also sells candy, balloons and teddy bears, which range from $6 to $75, for the “really big bear,” she said.”We sell typical holiday-themed items,” she said.Huntsville Flowers, located at 1211 15th St., also delivers.Flowers by Janice, located at 1523 Normal Park Drive, sells a dozen red roses for $70 with filler and greenery and $65 without, according to Michelle Potts, employee.”We sell a half-dozen roses; each color has a different price,” Potts said. “We also make specialty arrangements, with flowers like orchids or daisies. We can make an arrangement for any price.”Flowers by Janice also sells stuffed animals, balloons and candies, Potts said.Grocery stores, such as Kroger, sell a dozen roses for $19.99, in a sleeve, or $59.99 for an arrangement, which includes a vase, greenery and baby’s breath. Brookshire Brothers sells a dozen roses for $49.99 and a half dozen roses for $39.99.Whether you choose to purchase flowers today or on Valentine’s Day, most florists agree business will get busier until the big day.”We have had constant traffic in and out all day,” Cindy Pierce, owner of Heartfield Florist said. “This is the busiest week of the whole year.”While roses are red, and violets are blue, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend.”Pretty much everything’s on sale,” Jessica Schuren, sales associate at Zales, said.Zales, located at 1600 Financial Plaza, has a heart-shaped ring with diamonds on sale for $39 and diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings on sale for $99, Schuren said.”Some are ruby-colored, so they are Valentine’s Day-colored,” she said.Friedman’s Jewelers, located at 3010 Highway 30W, also has “a lot of stuff on sale,” according to Mocca Daniel, sales associate.”We have a yellow or white gold quarter-karat heart pendant necklace for $99,” Daniel said. “We have a lot of heart pendants for $69 to $99.”Friedman’s also has a three-piece diamond-heart ring, necklace and earring set for $99, and, for you big spenders, a heart pendant with a matching cluster ring for $199, Daniel said.”We have had quite a bit of people come in the past few days, and we plan to have increased sales up until Valentine’s Day,” Daniel said.In preparation for the big day, Friedman’s will stay open later, until 9 p.m., tonight and Wednesday.Whether you are getting your sweetheart candy, flowers or jewelry, showing that special someone how much you care is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

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