Freshmen should not be allowed to have vehicles on campus

Alright, this probably won’t make a lot of people happy. It will mainly effect first year freshman. I propose that incoming freshmen are not allowed to have vehicles. They all have to live on campus anyway, which is within walking distance of most clubs and many fast food restaurants. This would fix many problems. First of all, there would no longer be a parking problem.We could use all the spaces that were once occupied by freshmen’s cars.Secondly, when the freshmen don’t have cars they can’t drive home every weekend. There would be a higher attendance rate at school functions, like football games. Grades would also improve. Generally when students go home they don’t study. If they were at school there may be more motivation to pull out a book when there is nothing going on. It may be difficult at first, but after a few years people would be accustomed to coming to this school and not going home every weekend. I realize there isn’t much to do in Huntsville, but if the students stayed here more often businesses would have more incentive to create things for college students to do.

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