Bearkitten Academy provides childcare for students and staff

Where can students take their children while attending classes?The Bearkitten Academy provides a child care service for students, faculty and staff at SHSU.”Roughly, there are about 35 students who use our facility,” said Director Phyllis Leggs. The Academy’s capacity is 58 children and currently, 56 children are enrolled.Students have three ways to enroll their children. M-days, T-days and full time, which is five days a week, are offered, she said.For full-time enrolled children, the cost is $1,360 for infants under two and $1,280 for children age two to five, per semester. Enrollment on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays costs $970 for infants and $920 for toddlers per semester. Tuesdays and Thursdays cost $735 for infants and $680 for toddlers.There is also a $25 registration fee and a $25 material fee, Leggs said.A secretary from the SHSU financial aid office said most students who receive financial aid and have children use the Bearkitten Academy.In order to qualify to enroll the parent must be a student, teacher or staff member at SHSU.The Bearkitten Academy is located on 13th Street next to Bank of America. To enroll a child, students can call 936-293-8877.

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