Kinesiology professor die of heart complications

Dr. Jerry Nestroy, SHSU kinesiology professor, died on Monday due to cardiovascular complications.Nestroy was admitted to St. Luke Hospital in Houston on Sunday evening after having some trouble with her heart.SHSU had been her home for 20 years when she retired on Dec. 31, 2000. She returned this year to teach when no one was available to teach her methods class.”She had some heart problems in the past, but was willing to come back,” said Dr. Robert Case, chairman of the kinesiology department.Case said this gesture showed how kind and caring she was towards students.”Dr. Nestroy considered the students her family and devoted both her professional and personal time to help them with their issues,” said Case.Nestroy came to SHSU in 1981. A year later, she received a federal grant to develop grade appropriate curriculum for physical education in public schools. She wrote the curriculum during her third year at SHSU and was teaching the physical education methods course by 1985. Nestroy helped out with the degree plans and is also credited for forming a task force that has now evolved into the Walker County Special Olympics organization.”She was great in getting my degree,” Mike Ramsey, assistant professor, said. According to Ramsey, he had the pleasure of having Nestroy as a teacher and advisor, and even when Nestroy had an incredible amount of work, she always made tome for others.Her interest in racquet sports began in grade school and continued through out her years. According to the TSTA, a book of records, and the kinesiology department’s newsletter, Nestroy still held a national record in women’s tennis when she retired.”She was very well respected as a teacher, colleague, and friend,” Case said. ” She will be missed as all three.

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