SGA approves eight committee chairs

The Student Government Association unanimously approved each of their 2002-2003 committee chairs at its meeting Tuesday evening. Sophomore Sonya Stewart will be the new chair for the Communications Committee. According to the SGA Web site, the Communications Committee is responsible for areas including prospective students, coordination with the SGA public relations committee, faculty communication and student publications.Sophomore Angela Lopez will be the chair for the Academic Affairs Committee, which is responsible for issues concerning scholastic regulations, academic innovation and library facilities.Graduate Student Michelle Richter will be the Grievance Committee Chair, which is responsible for receiving and investigating any student grievances. “We tend to be the catch-all for student complaints and gripes,” said Richter. The Student Life Committee Chair will be criminal justice major Angie D. Cartwright. The Student Life Committee is responsible for any activity or program that affects the students and communication with any student service organization.Junior Brandon Cooper will be the External Affairs Committee Chair. This committee is responsible for areas including alumni association relations, community relations, organizations on campus and other outside interests.The Rules and Regulations Committee will have a co-chair system, which will be governed by senior Mike Kaatz and sophomore Emily Billings. The committee is responsible for areas including Senate rules, election rules and disciplinary action concerning senators and officers, and for the validity of and constitutionality of any legislation presented to the Student Senate.Kaatz, being responsible for modification of any rules through the evolution of the organization, will share the duties with Billings. Billings is responsible for enforcing those rules and regulations, and ensuring their validity. Kaatz said his personality was active and that he was the kind of person that could get things done. He said Billlings is a good partner because she is organized and she brings a calming effect to the job. SGA President Helena L. Banks said the committees will represent the student body, and will be accountable to give regular reports. Some committee members were chosen to be senators, and the senate is comprised of 45 SGA members. Banks said they are elected by the percentage of students in each college. For example, if the College of Arts and Sciences comprises 20 percent of the population of the school, then 20 percent of the 45 SGA Senate belongs to the College of Arts and Sciences. Banks said each senator is required to serve one hour per week in the SGA office, and must be actively involved in a committee. Freshmen do not have the opportunity to become senators, but may apply for a senate internship. Banks said it is the right of senators to be the only ones that can vote, and she made an executive order ruling that the senators not attending the past three meetings will be expelled from their duties. The order was approved. “This is an organization you want to work for,” said Banks, “and not just to come in, say ‘hi’, and leave. Tonight is a good test of whether or not you want to be a senator.”Assistant Dean Simms made a quick announcement concerning parents’ weekend, and she solicited help from SGA members for a mass mailing of 7,000 letters to parents concerning the weekend. Jess Nelson, manager of Barnes and Noble Campus Bookstore, announced he would be hosting a student focus group where students could ask questions concerning the bookstore operation. There were 15 open spots for the group, and the discussion was held Wednesday. He told SGA members that any student that would like to participate has the opportunity to attend once each semester and during the summer.

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