Student Advisement and Mentoring Center to open Sept. 16

The new S.A.M Center is here to provide not only academic help for students, but offer advisement and a step in the right direction academically.The Student Advisement and Mentoring Center, or S.A.M, was formerly known as the Academic Enrichment Center, but has expanded its operations to include much more. S.A.M will now conduct advisement for all new and transfer students, along with those whose GPA falls below a 2.5 needing mandatory advisement. It will provide a centrally located advisement facility on campus, to help reduce the confusion and frustration that often come along with having to be advised. S.A.M will also be in charge of advising all business majors. The center will provide notification to students as to when pre-registration will occur, and help them to be advised before hand. The12 faculty members serving as the advisors will be sure that students do not take classes that are unnecessary to their degree. It will also offer advice on how to balance schedules in ways that will be the least stressful to students, keeping their workload balanced. “All of the students who have used S.A.M have benefited and been very thankful,” said Executive Director Bill Fleming. “If all students utilize the Center, then they will see that they really can be helped.”Another feature offered by S.A.M is the notification of students who are in academic trouble. The Center contact those who are on academic probation or in danger of becoming on probation and let the students know what programs are offered that can help. “We are an intrusive advising center,” said Fleming “We want to reach out and tell you exactly what we can do to help you, because while most students need help they often don’t know where to go to get it.”Starting on Sept. 16, S.A.M will begin offering a series of study skills workshops that will each last an hour and will run continuously throughout the day to accommodate all students’ schedules. The six sessions will include classes on studying smart, procrastination, time management, reading textbooks and taking notes, test taking strategies and stress management. These workshops will run in this order daily for three weeks, and will then start over for those who may have missed a session or heard about them late.Heading up the center with Fleming are Dr. Bernice Strauss, the Director of Academic Support Programs and Janet Fair, the Assistant Director of Academic Support Programs. While S.A.M is currently located on the ground floor of the Library, on Nov. 18, it will take up residency in the new AB4 building.”Everybody needs help,” said Fleming “They’re just afraid to ask for it.”Those interested in S.A.M can register by contacting 294-4444 or visiting Room 115 in the library.

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