Is There Really a Parking Issue?

Is There a Parking Issue?Among many of the topics discussed among the students at Sam Houston State University, parking seems to always be discussed. Many students feel that there is a parking problem and that something needs to be done about it. They think that there are not enough parking spaces.The administrators have listened to the complaints of the students and have tried to help solve some of the problem. Over the summer, about 500 new spaces were created, yet students still feel that there is a problem.At eight o’clock in the morning, when I come to school, I see many widely available spots. They may be far away from the academic buildings, but there are spots available. Even when I am going from class to class, I observe the parking lots to see if there really is a problem with parking. Again there is a great number of spots available. The parking lot at Bowers Stadium is never full.I think the issue here is really about lazy people. Many of them, as would I, would like to be able to park up close next to the buildings much like the faculty. This would be nice, but is not an option.Students may even improve their health by taking a small walk every morning if they would consider parking a little further and could stop complaining about the parking issue.The administrators have heard many students’ complaints about the so-called parking problem. To help solve this, they have established a parking committee. They are in the process of getting a parking garage built. The garage would be in the center of campus and will include about 350 new spaces.After the garage is built, the next issue for students to talk about will be how bad the garage looks in the center of campus.The parking issue is a never-ending battle. It will always be a topic of discussion. Many people need to face up and see that there is not really a parking problem; it’s just about lazy people. Take a walk and quit complaining.

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