Religion is not problem

I’m writing in response to Joseph Hill’s “Laramie Project” editorial. Joseph Hill blames “religion and [it’s inability] to change and unwillingness to accept people.” He then lists the things that religions are unwilling to accept, namely homosexuality, human sexuality and change. “Religion” is not the reason for problems in our society today. The problem is the worldly man and his sinful nature. I’ve been reading the Bible cover to cover over the past year, and nowhere does it say that any race is superior to another race. In fact, it doesn’t mention skin color at all. It only differentiates between man who is obedient and man who is not. Jesus has no problem accepting people regardless of where they’ve been or what they’ve said or done in life. It’s a matter of realizing that what they’ve said or done is wrong (admitting you’re a sinner) and that you will not commit those acts again. Homosexuality and (immoral) human sexuality fall under the categories of disobedience and sin. It does say in the Bible that man should not lay with another man as he would a woman and doing so is detestable (Leviticus 20:13). Human sexuality is fine as long as it’s done within the sanctity of a true marriage, but sexual immorality is wrong (see I Corinthians 6:12-20). When you sin sexually, you sin against your own body (I Corinthians 6:18). Obviously, this fact is proven because of the huge outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases. Why do people continue to do this to their bodies?Change, though in some cases brings about positive results, can bring about negative results. Homosexuality and sexual immorality have been accepted, based on behavior, in our society. Unfortunately, this is because it’s easier to give in to this sin than to fight it. Everyone is capable of homosexuality, sexual immorality, murder, etc. And these things exist because society accepts them, therefore creating an excuse of “it’s okay to do this.” We, as humans, will be tested in whatever weaknesses we have, but it is we who chose to either be obedient or to give into sin. Accepting these behaviors has not changed society for the better. And here’s a revelation: rape, child pornography and child molestation are all forms of homosexuality or sexual immorality. A male pedophile who lusts after young boys is homosexuality. Rape is violating another being and is sexual immorality. Joseph Hill, why would you condone such choices? It is so much easier to accept the Bible than to accept that!Yes, the Bible is over 5,000 years old and it is also the oldest, most sought after book that has withstood every single day of those 5,000-plus years. The Bible hasn’t changed. It’s different religions who interpret it and twist the true meaning of its contents. God doesn’t change. He doesn’t need to change because He is perfect. We need to change. Why would anyone want to base their life on a foundation that keeps changing? How could anyone trust that? The Bible IS the firm foundation.You were right about some things, Joesph Hill. People are only concerned with themselves and what they believe. Ignorance does result in loss of life. Huntsville could become another “Laramie Project.” But, if everyone read and accepted the Bible as their firm foundation and LIVED it, there would be no “Laramie Project” or the need to accept society’s immoral behaviors.

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