Students give bad name to RTV department

I was appalled by statements made in the article “Faculty Addresses Student Issues”. There was a comment made about students not wanting to be RTV majors because there are no minority professors. Another comment was made that minority students are not given the attention needed from the faculty due to “discrimination”.These two students are giving a bad name for one of the best RTV programs in Texas because of their lack of effort to apply themselves. If you are not getting the “help” you need, don’t blame it on the lack of “minority” professor; blame it on yourselves. If you have an issue because of a lack of “minority professors”, take that up with the president of SHSU instead of throwing yourselves a pity party in the Houstonian.I am a senior “minority” RTV student, and I came to this school because it was the best one in Texas, not because of what color my professors were going to be. This program has the best professors and is very widely recognized as one of the best RTV programs in the United States. This is because of the “hands on” experience we receive as soon as we step foot in this building. The other unique quality about this department is that the professors don’t just know you by name, they know you, regardless of what race you are. They help you, one on one, whenever you need it; all you have to do is ask. The students of this department are equally as helpful. Everybody helps everybody in this reputable department. No discrimination whatsoever.Dear ladies,do your research before you completely bash one of the best departments at SHSU. There is a reason why there are hardly any minority professors at SHSU in general. It’s not about discrimination; there just aren’t many minorities applying for the jobs. Elementary schools have this problem as well. This is not a race issue. If you are getting bad grades, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. There are many other minority students who are doing exceptionally well in this department because they apply themselves. So, take you pity party somewhere else; we don’t appreciate racist slackers in this department making us look bad!

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