Hunting for students

Sam Houston State University’s Lowman Student Center will host its first scavenger hunt April 9.

No prior registration is needed for the event. Those interested in participating can enter the hunt by signing up in the Information Center, located in the LSC lobby between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Students can drop by at any time within these hours to register and pick up the list of items they need to gather, said Kerry Rogers, director of the LSC and Student Activities.

According to Rogers all organizations and merchants of the LSC will contribute in one way or another to the scavenger hunt.

“During the hunt students will make contact with all of the affairs and retail business in the building,” Rogers said. “The idea of an activity that involved everyone located in the LSC was the product of a collaboration with SHSU’s public relations students.”

Rogers said staff members were looking for a way to get more students into the LSC. By doing this type of activity they were hopeful students would have the opportunity to see what the LSC had to offer, she said.

“We worked with professor Frank Krystyniak’s public relations students to come up with an idea that would get more students, faculty and staff members to come into the LSC,” Rogers said.

“The students in my Case Studies class have been divided into groups. Each group has to work with an organization on or off campus as a project,” Krystyniak said. “This is where the idea came about.”

Students involved in the project said the LCS has much more to give than many students realize.

“The LSC has a lot to offer students, and everyone should be aware of all the organizations located in the Lowman Student Center,” graduating senior Mical Roy said. “They are of great benefit to all. Everyone should participate in an activity of this sort.”

Winners of the scavenger hunt will win one of the several grand prizes that include a television set, a microwave, a one-hour party at the Kat Klub, a 10 people catered meal with SHSU President James F. Gaertner, or free use of Barnes and Noble textbooks for one semester.

The prizes offer students an incentive to take part in the event.

“An activity that offers me the chance to win good prizes and even better an opportunity to win free loaner books for a year is an event I do not want to miss,” sophomore Winnie Pang said.

“We are hoping people come out,” Rogers said. “We have great prizes.”

For more information on the scavenger hunt contact Student Activities at 294-3861.

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