Most opinions reflect a negative attitude

I think most would agree one of the best things about America is freedom of speech. The Tuesday Viewpoints page sampled many people’s opinions on the war. To my surprise and dismay, most opinions reflected a negative attitude towards this war as well as the Bush administration.

I agree that war is a terrible thing and should be used as a last resort. It is scary and surreal to think that people I went to high school with are overseas fighting, or could possibly be dead. I wish there was another solution to the problem.

However, whatever reasons President Bush has, I support him. I’ll admit that I have chosen to be naive to the mundane details of this war. But I stand by the facts that the Iraqi people are suffering and Saddam Hussein is a threat.

There are things the American people do not know about Saddam that the government knows and is acting on. If Bush has his own personal vendetta, let him have it.As long as in the end the people of Iraq are free from a vicious dictator, and America is safe from a future Sept. 11 attack.

As Americans we take, or should take, so much pride in our freedom. Why not allow other people the same rights? We cannot imagine how the Iraqi people live because we do not face the same dangers they do everyday. Watching people die in the streets, having to be home before curfew or risk being beaten. Not having the right to say what you think, or speak out against what you think is wrong. We take these rights for granted. I believe that if this war means bettering the lives of the Iraqi people, then its all worth it in the end.

I know there is no way of preventing another Sept. 11, but if destroying Saddam and his sons meanswe don’t have to worry about our children facing the same fears, or my five month old nephew being sent to war, then I feel like any sacrifice is worth the reward of a safe world.

I agree that Bush’s motivations may be less than honorable, and American actions are questionable. But because we have the right to elect our leaders, and whether you like it or not, George W. Bush is our leader, and I support him whole heartedly. You may not agree with my opinions, but the point is you have the right to disagree, and I have the right to express them.

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