Explicitness on campus…is it right?

As you walk to class day in and day out, you expect to notice some subtle changes that occur in the hallways. One day you might see a “roommate wanted” sign hanging on the bulletin board or even some fraternity advertising some big event. NEVER would you expect to walk in the hallways of our state university and look on the walls and see pornography.

No, this isn’t just some sick joke that someone put up to be funny. These are actual photographs taken by a student in photography class. For those of you who haven’t been to the Dan Rather Communications Building, let me elaborate.

The first picture is of two men in cloth thongs. The first man is on his knees facing the camera and the second man is on his hands and knees with his practically bare bottom aimed at the camera. The second of these appalling photos is the two men on their knees still in their thongs, passionately kissing. The third, and perhaps the most shocking photo, is of two men in thongs, facing each other while the man on the right has his right hand grabbing the second man’s testicles. The last photo is of the two thonged men groping each other’s chest.

Personally, as a woman and as a student of Sam Houston State University, I am embarrassed and offended. Why are we putting such trash on display? For goodness sakes, people come and tour our campus! How would you like to be the volunteer that walks new students and their parents through the hallway where these pictures hang and say, “To our left, we have the pornography section of our campus.” What? The tour is over already?

It is very sick and twisted that distinguished professors of this campus allow that kind of garbage to be put on display! The student body should be outraged! Is this what we want our campus to be known for? Give me a break! I am all for freedom of expression, but this is pornograghy for heaven’s sake! What’s next, skinny dipping in the campus fountain?!

Let me make something very clear. It is NOT the fact that the photos are of two men. I would be just as appalled if there were two naked women or a man grabbing a woman’s breast! Ever heard of that good ole’ saying, “GET A ROOM!”

This nasty display of pornography needs to be taken off the walls of the Communications Building and out of SHSU for good!

Faculty and students of this school have worked hard to earn an administration that our campus so much deserves. Let’s not have that administration turn to shame because a few people decided to litter our campus with sexually explicit, rated XXX material.

We will not be known as Sam Houston State “Pornographic” University.

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