Photographic Society to host charity auction

The SHSU Photographic Society is hosting its second annual Photographic Charity Auction Saturday at Helios Bar in Houston.

The Photographic Society is a non-profit organization on campus, and is selling donated prints to those attending the auction. The proceeds from the prints sold will go to the Bridgehaven Children’s Advocacy Center in Baytown, which works with Child Protective Services in aiding sexually abused and battered children.

“We wanted to give something back,” said Chris Firnkoess, president of the SHSU Photographic Society. “Mr. Barnosky came to us and asked if we’d do it for charity. We wanted to do something for children this semester.”

Students, professional photographers and professors have donated prints for the auction.

Firnkoess said all profits made at the event will be donated in their entirety because unlike paintings or sculpture, an infinite number of prints can be made from a film negative.

“Students spend their money on boards and tape, and then they donate it. They know they’re doing this for charity,” Firnkoess said.

Firnkoess said there will be about 150 prints to bid on at the auction. Student prints will begin at $35, and prints donated by established artists and professors will start at $60. Viewing will begin at 6 p.m., and at 8 p.m., the bidding will start.

“We don’t stop the bidding,” Firnkoess said. “It’s however high it goes.”

Firnkoess said that over 200 invitations have been distributed for the event, and that the board of directors of Bridgehaven Children’s Advocacy Center will be in attendance with their family and friends.

The SHSU Photographic Society chose to host the auction at Helios Bar at 411 Westheimer in Houston because of the location and the creed of the owner/proprietor, Marianna Lemesoff.

“She doesn’t charge an artist to come and do whatever they do at her establishment, and that’s why we decided to go to Helio’s,” Firnkoess said.

The auction is a semi-formal event, and is free of charge. All ages are welcome, though the Photographic Society will be checking identification at the door because of the full bar.

For more information on the auction or other events regarding the SHSU Photographic Society, call Firnkoess at 294-1481 or contact him via e-mail at

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