Got Goat?

If you have been to the football games, or just the tailgate parties, you should ask yourself one question: Do I know the goat? Some of you right now are asking yourselves what the heck this guy is talking about. Well let us enlighten you of Sam Houston State. There are seven industrialists who have a vision. A vision that Sam should have a live mascot to help bolster school spirit, to incite BearKat pride in everyone and to make them as motivated as we are. The only problem is the goat doesn’t have a name. YET. If you want to take part in starting a great tradition for the university you should come to the LadyKats soccer game on Oct. 3 @ 7p.m. Pritchett Field for the official kickoff of the “Name the Goat Contest”. Nominations will also be taken during the Oct. 5, 1pm soccer game and through the Tarleton football game Oct 9th. Nominations will also be taken at Gradfest Oct. 6-8 in the LSC. We will be taking a donation of $1 with every name nominated; the proceeds go to take care of the goat. On Oct 13th the top five names, as selected by the caretakers, will be placed on the Bulletin Board for everybody to vote on. The name will be announced at the SFA game on Oct. 16th. So don’t be a stick in the mud and come out to help name the goat.

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