Organizations meet, greet and discuss

The “Tree of Light,” ceremony was one of the highly debated issues during the League of Organizations meeting held yesterday in the Austin Hall. “It ushers in the holiday season, not a particular religion,” said Dean Frank Parker. “I recommend that we take religion out of the ceremony,” said Parker. This comment was in response to a question posed by a student concerning the large involvement in the ceremony of certain religions and not others. Jason Ploktin, a member of a Jewish organization on campus said, there should be equal amounts of time for all religions during the ceremony. “My organization refuses to participate in the ceremony,” said Ploktin. From the beginning of the ceremony about 70 years ago, it was never a religious ceremony, said Parker. The issue of the “Tree of Light,” ceremony was the only existing barrier between organizations debated in the meeting. “If the horse is dead, get off of it. Find something else to ride,” said Parker. Different ways to get the student body more involved in school spirit were discussed next in the meeting. Plotkin introduced the league to a new organization on the campus called, “Sam’s Squad.” It is an organization set-up to serve as a rally support for the school’s athletic teams during the games. As a member of the organization he said they plan to get support from local businesses to create handout towels, which will be given out free. “We plan to be all over the place to get things rolling,” Plotkin said. Leaders of different organizations were also asked to inspire their members to attend university functions. “It’s all about encouraging your members to come out on a personal level,” said Terrence Daniels. “We need to represent our student body,” said Angie Cartwright, SGA President. “The different organizations around campus also need to network with each other.” This way we will not set-up functions on the same day of other organizations, said Cartwright. A list of campus events can be obtained on the blackboard website, under the Today@Sam icon and also in the activities calendar which can be picked up in Room 328 in the LSC. Unity was the overall focus of the meeting between the different organizations. “It is important that we serve as a unified student body,” said Cartwright. “Each organization was given a chance to express its views,” said freshman Chanteau Garrett, intern president. “The meeting proved we can all get along.”

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