Professor Profile: Dr. Krienke

For more than 20 years, Dr. Douglas Krienke has been a fixture in the English department at SHSU. Krienke, who received his bachelor’s from SHSU, is the associate chair of the English department. Krienke is also the advisor for SHSU’s Sigma Phi Epislon Chapter. A native of Texas, Krienke earned his master’s of arts in English from Texas A&M in College Station, and his doctrate from the University of Toledo in Ohio. Krienke teaches western world literature, Shakespeare, mythology, and Tudor and Stuart drama, or the drama of Shakespeare’s contemporaries. His main specialty is on Shakespeare and his works. “It’s the oldest literary genre revealing insights into the human condition,” said Krienke. Among all of the literary works of Shakespeare, Krienke’s favorite is “Hamlet.”Krienke had always intended to teach literature, having started out working in public schools. While working on his master’s degree Krienke got an opportunity to apply for a teaching position at Southeast Missouri State College in Cape Girardeau, Mo., where he taught for three years before coming to SHSU.As for his approach to teaching literature and why he teaches that way, Krienke says that he does not want students to be turned off by the study of it.”Because I want my students to develop the ability to understand literature as an artistic reflection of universal human experience, I try to inspire them with a sense of the power and influence of characters in the works I teach,” said Krienke.Krienke says that he has never had difficulty relating to his students. Krienke received the Excellence in Teaching award in 1990.Krienke’s students have enjoyed him as a professor and wish that there were more teachers like him.”Dr. Krienke is an excellent professor and the presence of more professors like him would benefit the university,” said senior Sam Varner.As for his major influences in life, Krienke cites his mother and a literature professor at Texas A&M named John Q. Anderson who “made literature come alive.” “I wanted to emulate myself after him,” said Krienke.In his spare time Krienke likes to travel as much as he can, mainly to England and Scotland. He also enjoys hiking, camping and swimming. Krienke says that one of his greatest thrills and accomplishments was when he went skydiving, for which he received a certificate that hangs on his office wall. In addition to enjoying Shakespeare, Krienke enjoys mysteries including the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the novels of Agatha Christie. Krienke says that he plans to continue teaching for another five to seven years and he does not feel like he has lost the ability to relate to his students. Krienke feels that he is a better teacher than he was when he started by trying harder to relate to his students.”I’m even more enthusiastic about my subject matter now,” said Krienke.

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