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I will make this brief as I am still fuming about how on earth this paper (even a student paper with lower standards) can allow a KID to publish such ignorant things about McNeese fans in this media.

Why is it that fans, University Presidents, and Athletic Directors from around the nation all call and or write to our A.D. and President and to our local paper in Lake Charles to commend us on the way they are treated before and prior to our games with them. Last year we recieved letters from the Montana State, Montana, and Villanova AD’s, coaches, and Presidents telling us just how hospitible we were to them and how much they enjoyed our atmosphere and the entire expereince (even though they all lost close ball games to us).

What is it with you Texas residents, WHY the heck can’t you just enjoy the expereince and not think so darn negative about other people who are enjoying themselves and how they show prde in their teams.

20,000 Drunks. Even the New York Times no longer allows it’s reporters to write such things without some type of substantiation to back it up. There were only 16,600 there and does anyone really believe they are all drunk?

The Fake Field Goal…IT WAS A BOTCHED SNAP THAT THE HOLDER COULDN’T GET DOWN IN TIME FOR THE KICKER, so he improvised a perfect pass. The maturity level of this writer is apparent in this article. Suggest you NOT send him on the road again without adult supervision.

Greg StevensMSU Class of 86Sulphur,

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