Thanks for letting me have the “Bartonian” theory

I accomplished my goal this semester: to create enough controversy as possible. This controversy wasn’t done with tastelessness, but rather to persuade students enough to write letters to The Houstonian. People need to understand the Opinions page wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the students. This is an open forum for everyone to discuss their concerns about anything. Whether it is your dislikes in food choices at Caf Belvin or your unprecedented hatred to walk more than 300 yards to class, we here at The Houstonian value everyone’s opinion. I think students are finally starting to realize the potential written words can have on an audience. Everyone saw how angry people were at the very drawn out racial wars that occurred on this page just a few weeks ago and I promise that someone’s eyes were opened because of an article that someone wrote. I want to encourage students to continue their battle and if something makes you angry, don’t be afraid to submit a letter to the editor. First off, I want to thank Daphne Bottos, our current Editor-in-Chief, because she has put up with me for so long and taught me everything I needed to know about a newspaper. Cody Stark, the sports editor, is also another big influence on my writing career and hopefully we can go have a blast on some more road trips to watch the Sam Houston State University football team on the sidelines next season.I want to get off my “high horse” here, but I also have to thank Matt Pederson and our adviser Mr. Logan. Without their advice, my headlines would have been horrible. I’ve learned so much from those two and I look forward to all the other things to come. Last but not least, I have to thank all of my friends and family that read and gave me a hard time on my articles that I wrote this semester. Anyone else on the wonderful staff here at The Houstonian that I didn’t mention previously for making “hell with fluorescent lighting” not so bad, and everyone that picked up an edition of the Houstonian this semester, even if it was to notice a mistake we made–thanks.Don’t worry Bearkats; this won’t be the last you will here from me because I will be taking over the layout editor position next semester. I promise to drop a line from time to time when something on this campus annoys me because it is bound to happen. I hope everyone enjoyed the Houstonian this semester, but if they didn’t I’m sorry, send me a letter, but for now this is the last “Bartonian theory” this semester.

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