Not so funny

Be careful if you are walking or driving past the new fenced-in area inside the student parking lot in front of the Estill Building.

Yesterday I was driving on the east side of the construction fence when a gust of wind swept through the parking lot causing the fence to fall in a domino type fashion onto the side of my car. I was wishing this was a really good April Fool’s joke; however, when I got out of my car to assess the damages and I was faced with the reality of the situation. There were three long scratches and a few dents going along the passenger side of my SUV.

Although I was upset that my car was damaged, I was thankful that it was my car and not someone walking beside the fence when it happened.

It took a moment for me to collect my thoughts, and then I got in touch with the University Police Department. An officer came out to report the incident and I later got in contact with the construction company in charge of building the new dining facility in the student parking lot. The employees for the construction company have been really helpful and nice in working with me through this situation.

In a way it is hard to keep a straight face when I tell someone the story. What are the odds that I would be driving by this fence at the same exact time a wind gust decided to make a chain link fence topple over onto my car?

The hardest part was telling my friends the story since the accident happened on April Fool’s Day. The only way this story would have been better is if it was indeed a joke and there was not a fence impression on the side of my car.

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