No need to speed!

When walking home from class on Thursday 20 at approximately 2:30 pm, I was crossing Sam Houston Avenue by the park on 19th. I am always careful crossing this street as it is a red light going south on Sam but still a green light heading north. I waited for traffic to clear north and south and noticed a young woman turning left off of 19th street. I thought little of it as I had the right of way. She hit me hard, did not even see me. I rolled onto her hood, hit her windshield and ended up laying in the middle of Sam Houston Avenue.My concern is young people drive far to fast in this town. She told me she was “in a hurry”. Huntsville prides itself on a small town atmosphere, where people still enjoy walking. Many students bring their big city driving habits with them when they should best be left in the big cities. Slow down, get off your cell phone and pay attention. Fortunately I am still alive.

William A. Pettrystdwap14

Of the many eyewitnesses, please respond to my email.

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