Cha-Ching: Vegas in Houston

Can you hear it? You know…the sound of change dropping into the bed of the slot machine, the “hoorahs” of people winning the jackpot, the crowd of people talking in the distance. Sounds like a casino right? Well, it could be the sound of Houston.

Early in December, State Rep. Ron Wilson proposed that the state should turn the Astrodome in Houston into a casino which would be the world’s largest luxury casino.

Reports from the Houston Chronicle said that thousands of Houstonians, were thrilled at the thought, and yet others seemed disturbed.

I think it’s a great idea! Just think of how many employment opportunities people would have with the project finished.

The reconstructing of the Astrodome would create hundreds of jobs in the design and construction of internal structures, plus the huge number of employees that would be working there.

The economy would boost, the state would probably bring in about $1 billion every year in revenue. Tourism would rise as people would come from all over Texas and the nation, and hey, we would save that long trip all the way to Louisiana.

Don’t you hate driving to Louisiana on I-10? It’s so boring!

However, some people think that gambling would not be good for Texas. Would the state take in more taxes? Would the casino be the one to profit?

What about those people with gambling problems?

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