NRHH awards campus groups

The National Residence Hall Honorary of SHSU recognizes and awards other organizations and individuals for excellence.

NRHH serves as the recognition branch of the National Association of College and Universities Residence Halls. The campus chapter, known as Frank Cloud, is named after a late staff member of the Department of Residence Life. A memorial dedicated to Cloud can be seen in front of Elliott Hall.

“The primary intent for the organization is to recognize people doing a good job,” said Katy Pelton, member and resident manager of Smith Hall.

According to Jackie Stewart, co-chair of NRHH, in February the organization recognized the NAACP, SHSU’s Dance Department and Program Council by awarding them the “Hugs and Kisses Award.”

Representatives from organizations that received the award said they were grateful for the recognition.

“It felt great to know that other people are aware of the hard work and time we put in to our organizations,” said Mical Roy, a member of the recognized organization NAACP. “We don’t put in the time to be recognized, but it’s always good when somebody does.”

Pelton said the theme of the awards is determined by the month and season. NRHH is currently working on the “Lucky to Have You Awards” in conjunction with March’s St. Patrick’s Day.

According to Pelton, funding for these and other awards come from the organization’s successful fundraising attempts.

“Each month we send out letters to the parents of students who live in the residence halls and will be celebrating a birthday that month,” Pelton said. “Parents are given the opportunity to purchase a cake and balloons for their child. We keep a very small percentage of that in order to keep are awards afloat.”

Another award given out by NRHH is the “For Recognition of Growth Award.” The FROG award allows the organization to recognize a large number of people.

“Because we can not be everywhere and see everyone, we give student leaders the opportunity to recognize other leaders through this award,” Pelton said.

The person who receives the FROG award for the week is in charge of deciding who they see growing as a leader. That individual then gets the chance to recognize them by passing the award along for the next week.

Students who are members of the NRHH said joining the organization has been a positive experience.

“At the time I joined this organization I was not very familiar with it,” said Luis Guzman, NRHH member and resident manager at King Hall. “I kind of just joined because it was one more thing to do but now I am so glad to be a part of it.

“NRHH has opened my eyes to the housing profession and allows me to be part of a group that recognizes the good work of others.”

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