X-tra credit or real interest?

I was disturbed when I saw so many students coming to see Quanell X just for extra credit in their classes.

Did you really come to hear Mr. X speak or did you come to get two points on your next exam? I really hated that professors gave extra credit for this event. A lot of students came just for extra credit, while students that really wanted to attend the event were left outside.

I am sorry that so many of you where disturbed by Mr. X, but his words may have not been for your ears.

A lot of you were not listening to him; instead you came into the program judging the man. Mr. X was worth more than some extra credit to me.It was indeed a truth class for me. First of all, racism did not come to an end after the 1950s, for those who believe that trash. I think some of you need to look around Huntsville and some of these other little Texas towns.

You really don’t have to look into Huntsville to see racism; it happens at Sam Houston State University. Many of you don’t see it because it is not happening to you.

From the classroom to the Mall Area, I have seen racism in its new and old form. Racism is in a new form for this generation. You can’t tell me to my face you hate me, but you can enslave my mind through the institutions that I attend.

It all started with the public school system where the textbooks tell you that your people where slaves, and one page is dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr. I have a lot of love and respect for MLK, but he was not the beginning and he will not be the last black leader.

I think that America loved him so much, because he was the peacemaker. But when Malcolm X spoke, he spoke the same truth that Quanell X spoke last week; but people call them racist. I agreed with about 99 percent of what he said and I am far from racist.

I do believe in the empowerment of my people. Don’t hate my pride or those of black leaders. Can a black man have an opinion in America or at Sam Houston? I guess not, because when black speakers come to SHSU, there is always a big mess. People always use the excuse that it will bring racial tension. I am sorry, but you can’t start something if it doesn’t already exist.

I don’t understand how someone can compare the New Black Panther Party to the KKK. Sorry, but the Black Panther Party, old or new, never lynched an estimated 3,000 white Americans. There is no comparison.

The New Black Panther party is about black people empowering and improving ourselves.Some people hate the fact that we can organize ourselves.If the KKK can organize, why can’t the New Black Panther Party organize?

Half the people who passed judgment on Mr. X did not even stay for the entire program, but I guess you know what you are talking about. I do not hate anyone because I am a child of God and we are all his children. It is sad that my brothers and sisters in Christ enslaved a race of people for 400 years and still continue to treat them as second class citizens.

To those of you that feel that slavery is in the past, I am part of the living legacy of the impact that slavery has made on many black Americans today.I do not feel like I am just an American like golf player Tiger Woods. They made the African-American box for my people.

I think a lot of you need to read some African-American history and maybe if you are intelligent enough you will understand what it feel like to be in my shoes. In fact everyone research your own family history and maybe we can come to some conclusion on a positive way this generation can end racism.

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