2003 MTV Video Music Awards

Last Thursday, MTV aired the 20th Annual Video Music Awards hosted by comedian Chris Rock.Although Justin Timberlake and Coldplay walked away with the most awards, and Missy Elliot walked away with the number one moonman, Video of the Year, nobody noticed because of a little event labeled, “The Kiss”. “The Kiss,” which overshadowed the whole award show, was really just the opening act. Madonna began the show with a performance of “Like A Virgin” and “Hollywood”. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera joined her. She kissed both women in the mouth shortly before Missy Elliot joined the women on stage. The kiss between Madonna and Britney was the one that got more attention because it was obvious that the two shared tongue.Elliot won her first VMA this year after years of nominations totaling 17. Although Elliot led the nomination pack with eight, she was only awarded two: Video of the Year and Best Hip-Hop Video, both for her hit, “Work It”. Timberlake and Coldplay received three moonmen each, and Johnny Cash, despite being referred to as the man of the evening, only received one moonman from his six nominations. When Timberlake beat Cash for Best Male Video, he said, “I want a recount. My grandfather raised me on Johnny Cash, I’m from Tennessee … I guess I share this with him in some cool way. He deserves a round of applause.”Coldplay also acknowledged Cash’s greatness by dedicating their performance of “The Scientist” to him.Beyonce’ Knowles walked away with three awards for “Crazy in Love” and 50 Cent walked away with two award for his hit, “In Da Club”.No one was safe from host Rock. He attacked numerous people in his opening monologue. He attacked Paula Abdul by saying that Abdul judging singers “is like Christopher Reeve judging a dance contest”. He also made a cheap shot at R. Kelly by saying if the Olsen Twins were sitting there (down front), then you had to put R. Kelly way up there (in the balcony). His insults continued when he introduced LeBron James and Ashanti with, “He’s trying to be the next Kobe Bryant, and she’s trying not to be the next victim.”Although a number of people made references to Eminem and 50 Cent being nominated against each other, they made light of it by accompanying each other onstage whenever either of them accepted an award.Multi-nominee artists Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Sean Paul, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Nelly and No Doubt also went home empty handed.Aguilera returned to the stage for a medley of “Dirrty”, featuring Redman and “Fighter”, with Dave Navarro on guitar. She came out in a beautiful black and white outfit and finished the performance in another great outfit. Aguilera truly redeemed herself from last year’s attire. Although Aguilera looked great, she went home without any moonmen. Other performances included Mary J. Blige featuring 50 Cent and Method Man, 50 Cent featuring Snoop Dogg and Don “Magic” Juan, and Beyonce’ featuring Jay-Z.Blige was her normal passionate self. She began her show by hitting a high note and then went right into her song. Then Method Man came out and did his thing while Blige went in the back and changed outfits. Then she switched songs and 50 did his thing. The show was done in front of screen, which showed different pictures of Blige dancing in different attire. Her performance was great and her outfits were the bomb.50 Cent performed his song “P.I.M.P.” with the G-Unit remix. He set it off by starting in a huge pimp goblet. He stripped down to his favorite wife-beater and the audience went wild. Then up went the backdrop and out came Snoop Dogg, Don “Majic” Juan and about a dozen other pimps all pimped out in expensive suits with their jeweled pimp goblets. As always Dogg put on a show.Since her solo debut, Beyonce’ has been shaking her ass up a storm and the award show was no exception. She performed her hit singles, “Baby Boy” and “Crazy in Love” featuring Jay-Z. She began her performance by being dangled in the air and dropped down onto a couch. She then proceeded to dance with her dancers and made somewhat of a chorus line. From there she ripped off her capris and began “Crazy In Love”. Jay-Z came out and did his thing. Overall her performance was good. She could have done a lot more singing than dancing though. Her outfits were really nice, but, as Chris Rock said, her hair looked like a rat’s nest. Metallica ended the show with a medley of various songs from the 20-year history of the Video Music Awards. They also threw confetti and jumped around the stage like they were teens again.Sean Paul and the Black Eyed Peas did pre-show performances. Both were excellent. During Paul’s performance, the crowd waved Jamaican flags in the air. Everybody favorite 80’s group, Duran Duran, walked away with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Good Charlotte got the coveted Viewer’s Choice Award.Other notable moments included when Run DMC came out onto the stage, the audience held Adidas tennis shoes high in the air for Jam Master Jay and Eminem’s run-in with another puppet this year. It was a bit more friendlier than last year’s incident. The performances during the show were on point but let’s not forget all the activities going on before the show.Snoop Dogg walked onto the red carpet escorted by two women on leashes. Outkast arrived on a flatbed truck with a stripper pole. Big Boi called it, “the portable boom boom room.” All heads turned when 50 Cent hit the red carpet with actress Vivica A. Fox.The VMA’s was excellent this year as always. Rock was hilarious and the performances were spectacular. For more 2003 MTV VMA information or a look back at past VMA’s go to http://www.mtv.com.

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